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Report graffiti

Graffiti is words or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed without permission in a public place. It is illegal.

How we respond to reports

We aim to remove graffiti that is in a public place in Walsall Borough within five working days of receiving a report. This may take longer if we group several removals together, to make the best use of our resources.

We will prioritise anything offensive and aim to remove this within two working days. This includes content that discriminates against race, sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.

Graffiti on private land

You shouldn't use this service to report problems on private land, as we are unable to pass these on. 

We are only insured to remove graffiti from public property. If you own the affected property, it is your responsibility to remove it. We may take enforcement action if you don't. If the graffiti is on unadopted land or we can't find out who the landowner is, we will decide how to deal with it. 

We are not able to remove graffiti that's on property that belongs to a partner agency or other public sector body.

If the graffiti is:

What you need to tell us

To report graffiti, you will need to tell us:

  • where it is (you can pinpoint the location on a map, or describe where it is)
  • if it is offensive

A photograph and the rough size of the graffiti are also helpful. Only provide photographs if it is safe to do so. Each image must be no bigger than 5MB in size.

Make a report

You can use your online account to continue with your report. If you sign in, you’ll also be able to check the status of your transactions.

Continue if you want to remain anonymous

If you're unable to complete the online form, you can contact the clean and green team.

Our customer experience staff will take you through the process and tell you how to send your evidence.