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Report an abandoned vehicle

A vehicle that is roadworthy and has valid tax, MOT and insurance is not classed as abandoned and we will not remove it. The same is true for a vehicle parked on private land with the landowner's permission.

You can check if a vehicle has valid tax and MOT on the government's website:

How we respond to reports

We aim to remove abandoned vehicles from public land about six weeks from the time we receive a report. This is because we have to investigate each case, and allow time for owners to come forward and claim the vehicle. We will prioritise the removal of vehicles that we consider to be a threat to residents.

If a vehicle is not taxed, you can get it removed more quickly by using our report an untaxed vehicle service.

Abandoned vehicles on private land

We are not responsible for removing vehicles on private land, but we may be able to help. If a vehicle has been abandoned on your property without your permission, you can contact us.

If the vehicle is:

  • on a railway, contact Network Rail
  • on a non-council car park, shop front or commercial property, contact the owner
  • on property that you rent, contact your landlord

What you need to tell us

You can report an abandoned vehicle using our online form. You will need to tell us:

  • where it is (you can pinpoint the location on a map, or describe where it is)
  • how long it's been there (we won't investigate if it's under two months)
  • the registration number (number plate) of the vehicle, if you can see it
  • identifying features of the vehicle (for example, the make, model or colour)
  • the condition of the vehicle

You can also provide photographs, if it is safe to do so. Each image must not be over 5MB in size.

Make a report

You can use your online account to continue with your report. If you sign in, you’ll also be able to check the status of your transactions.

Continue if you want to remain anonymous

If you're unable to complete the online form, you can contact the clean and green team.

Our customer experience staff will take you through the process and tell you how to send your evidence.